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25Welcome is the perfect home page for your browser, all the important links on one page.



Anything you're looking for. The integrated Bing search engine through Azure Cognitive Search Services finds the right answer to all your questions.


The top pages of the internet. Everything in daily use from twitter to wikipedia to WhatsApp is directly accessible with just one click.


Whether direct access to cloud services and mail, as well as perfect adaptation to your end device. No matter if PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Welcome is ready.

25Welcome View - Integrate diffrent providers

More than one provider?

In the Cloud Management Suite you can manage all your applications like AWS, Azure, Docker, GitHub, Office365,... integrate. Access it from the overview or via the dashboard.
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Whether as intranet, start page or customized edition of mdct Welcome - your individual view.
Define which of the applications is available on the public page of mdct Welcome (View). Use this page as your intranet, admin panel or your own start page.