Time-controlled call-up of web pages and scripts.
Create cronjobs for free and let your web server call scripts time-controlled - even if your provider does not provide cron services. offers the best alternative for the awkward creation of cronjobs directly on the server!

Use this service to create backups, execute scripts like monitoring, generate statistics, send newsletters and many other things that should be run automatically.

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No software needed

No further software is required, neither from you nor from your provider.

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Start for free with your first Cronjobs. Expand if necessary.

Easy to use

The ease of use makes it possible for anyone to use this service without experience.

Individual possibilities

The individual setting options offer you the function to use it exactly according to your requirements.


Check the exact time online when your cronjob was last executed.

Integrated Platform

The service is fully integrated into a large comprehensive cloud platform with many other capabilities.

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  • What means Beta-Preview?

    The service is currently under development (beta-phase). Here it can happen that there are still technical errors.

  • But how?

    This service automatically retrieves the web pages you specify from your server at the times you specify. Here, for example, a task can be started by a script.

  • Pricing

    You can start for free. Learn more about pricing >

  • How often can it run?

    Currently every minute.

  • How I can manage them?

    You can login at and select Cronjob on the menu.

  • Can I call HTTPS/SSL websites?

    Yes, absolutely!

  • GDPR & Privacy

    We work together with GDPR, because privacy is important! Learn more about privacy >

  • Can I change the URL or Cron-Time afterwards?

    Yes, you can edit all settings anytime.

  • Based on which time?

    We based on UTC time.

  • No advertising, no passing on of my data - how is this service financed?

    The Cronjob service is the entry into our global cloud platform with many paid services. We are also planning an extended paid edition.

  • On my website I see calls from this service, but I dont use this one!

    Please report the ABUSE topic, we will take ASAP a look to it! ABUSE-Center >