Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools.

Bring your website to the front with our Managed Service for Google Webmaster Tools.

You know there are important tools for your website from Google or want to use them, but you lack the technical knowledge or time for the implementation? Activate the Managed Google Webmaster Tools for your website with us and use the full potential with just a few clicks. And one-time payment.

Fast & Easy

With just a few clicks you can quickly activate the desired tools for your website or domain. After a short time these are activated and available for you.


Keep tracking of which services are activated for you. All services and settings are always available online for you.


One-time payment for setup, no ongoing fees or costs and can be cancelled by you at any time. No permanent commitment.

Google Postmaster Tools - Managed by

Postmaster Tools.

Be a better sender.
Use the Google Postmaster Tools to increase your email performance, and help Gmail route your messages to the right place. Improve your domain reputation by verifying your domain with Google Postmaster.
25€ one-time setup - Learn about pricing >


Google Search Console - Managed by

Google Search Console.

Bring your website to #1
Add your website to the Google Search Console and improve the search engine optimization of your website and domain.
25€ one-time setup - Learn about pricing >


Learn about pricing
  • What exactly are these Google Services?

    Various Google services that help to make the internet more trustworthy than website and domain creation. They also improve the find ability at Google.

  • Why as Managed Services?

    You can concentrate on your core business and can activate these services for your website or domain with just a few clicks.

  • How can I end the managed services?

    The services can be removed from our administration on a monthly basis without any fees.

  • Will this result in ongoing costs for me?

    No, fees are only charged once for the setup.

  • How can I see which services I have booked?

    After our login, in the Cloud Management Suite, you can see all your services under "Applications".

  • Which domains I can use?

    Currently you can only use managed Google Services for domain which you have already booked at us.