Server Hosting

Easy, fast, and flexible compute.

High-tech virtual server systems with SSD drives, different sizes, optional storage (up to 16TB) and different operating systems. Full (root) access with various operating systems or optional ready-installed applications such as WordPress. Starts at 6€ per month.


Strong infrastructure with 40GbE internal connectivity and SSD storage and storage only. Brand quality in high tech data centers.

1 Month

Short duration of only one month, for maximum flexibility and efficiency for your projects and products.


High-performance memory (SSD operated) up to 16 terabytes per server. This means that there are almost no limits.


Pre-installed applications and systems per server. This allows you to get started right away without having to install a lot more.


Secure data centers and firewall systems provide maximum protection for your servers and applications. Only you have access.


Start with a small server, because you can flexibly change it to another model upwards. Depending on your requirements.

Find the right operating system for you

We offer a range of free selectable leading Linux operating systems from various vendors. In addition, we pre-install and set up one-click apps for various applications directly. Learn more

Screenshot Cloud Management Suite

Learn about Cloud Management.

A platform that manages all your cloud services - even external ones.

Built for you

Manage all your applications in one core platform.

Build & Run

Add new, remove old. Just use the applications you want to use.

Server Storage


Attach highly available and scalable SSD-based Storage to your vServer.
Stored on hardware separated from your server and it's replicated multiple times across different racks. All your data is encrypted at rest and transmitted to the Droplets over isolated networks.

You just have to add the storage to your server.
From 100 GB up to 16 TB.


Virtual Servers


Already done. Build faster and smarter with a lot of preconfigured software.
Expand your infrastructure in the shortest possible time and take advantage of already installed servers.

  • Which operating systems are available?

    Currently we provide Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora and Debian Distributions in current editions.

  • Is root access available?

    You get the root user access to the start. The password must be changed the first time you log in.

  • Set-up fee and billing

    There is no setup fee, we charge monthly at the end of each month.

  • virtualization technology

    Professional virtualization technology from global leading providers.

  • Is an up- or downgrade possible?

    An upgrade can be performed at any time. A downgrade is currently not available for technical reasons.

  • Duration and termination

    Runtime for server 1 month, plus one-time setup fee of 0€. Cancellation up to 10 days before extension possible. Prices incl. fees and legal fees.

  • How can I access the server?

    You can access your server via SHH. If it is set up by you, later also via other protocols via FTP / SFTP ....

  • How can I activate storage?

    Order the desired memory and specify the server concerned. This is automatically assigned to your server and can be connected.

  • How does it work with the One Click Apps?

    When ordering, you can select this as an alternative to an operating system. The corresponding application will be pre-installed by us, afterwards you will receive the root access data as well as that of the application.

Available installations.
> Ubuntu 18.04 x64
> Ubuntu 19.04 x64
> Fedora 29 x64
> Debian 10 x64
> CentOS 6.9 x64
> App - Docker
> App - GitLab
> App - MongoDB
> App - MySQL
> App - WordPress
> CentOS 7.6 x64
> Fedora 30 x64
> App - CPanel
> App - OpenVPN
> App - Grafana