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Help - Account & Billing.


  • Can't login

    If you can no longer log in, you have the possibility to reset your password. In this case you will receive a new one on the deposited email.
    The login itself is always done with the primary email address stored in the account.

    If you still have problems with the registration, please contact our support. Please note: These are the access data for the Cloud Management Suite. The accesses for individual applications such as servers can be different.

    Reset >
    Support >

  • Support-Credit

    We offer and provide the support in the range of an annual support credit. Here we have looked back on the successful past years and decided on a value that is appropriate for us but also especially for the customer side.
    Therefore every customer with a corresponding account now has an annual credit of 60 support minutes, which are automatically reduced with each request.
    Further requests are billed at the end of the year (similar to mdct Individual/Enterprise Business). Of course, every customer is informed in advance before any costs are incurred. The current status can already be viewed in the Cloud Management Suite in the Costmanagement tool. (Settings > Costmanagement).

  • Country/Region settings

    The first time you log in, you will be asked to specify your country or the country of your company’s headquarters.
    The functions, products and availability of services are adapted to the country in question. This setting cannot be changed manually.

    You can see which country your account is defined for at Settings > Account. If you would like to change this, please contact our support.
    Please note: always specify the correct country. This is the only way to fulfill all settings, accounts and legal requirements of the respective country. If you have several global locations, set it to your company’s home country.

  • Pay attention to phishing

    So-called “phishing” e-mails are circulating again and again. With phishing, third parties try to obtain confidential access data such as passwords and impersonate mdct Group or, for example. Such e-mails do not come from us! You can ignore these phishing e-mails and delete them directly.

    Pay attention to the actual sender of the email, often this is an external or foreign email address. In addition, you can recognize such websites via the URL in your browser (https://….). The domain known to you must be displayed here.

    Important: If you have already entered your data on the linked website, please change your password immediately. If you can no longer access your account with your previous password, please contact us immediately so that we can reconcile the data and send you the link for a new password.
    We additionally recommend the use of a 2 factor authentication, which can be activated for each account.

  • Two-factor authentication

    For even greater account security, we recommend that account holders use two-factor authentication to log in to their account. This extra layer of security for your account ensures that you are the only person who has access to your account. Also known as “MFA, Multi Factor Authentication or 2FA.

    What is it about?
    The two factor authentication provides increased security for your account. After login a security pin is sent to your email address. Thus, additional access to the e-mail mailbox is necessary. This PIN is necessary in addition to the password for the login.

    How to I activate?
    Log into the Cloud Management Suite and select “Settings > Account”. Here you find a drop down menue to activate more security for your account.

    We forward the IP Address, eMail (account) and time, based on Germany to the matched email directly in the mailbox. We don’t store this information longer and delete it immediate.

  • Cancel a single service

    To cancel an individual service, go to “Applications” in the Cloud Management Suite and select the desired service.
    In the right column under “Application settings” you have the option of canceling an individual service via “cancel service”.

    The service is displayed as cancelled after a short time and is removed at the next possible time.
    Please note: after the time has expired, the stored data will be permanently deleted.

  • PSD2 – Payment Security EU

    The PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) is an EU directive regulating payment services and payment service providers.
    PSD2 explained simply: Starting from 14.09.2019 (14th September 2019) a two-stage verification helps the customer with the safe payment in the Internet. A single password will no longer suffice in the future. Recently, you have required two or more factors from different categories for payment or other “activities with a risk of fraud”. For example, a combination of password and fingerprint is conceivable, or a PIN that is linked to the smartphone. But PIN and TAN are also a valid combination. Your bank decides on the necessity and type of the second authentication.

    What changes for me?
    Basically, everything stays the same for you.In the payment process on our website or in the app it may happen from 14.09.2019 that a further step is added in which the bank secures your identity. Verification is simply integrated into the payment process.
    - Basically, the most task are the same.
    - During the payment process it may happen that the payment provider (Bank, PayPal,…) requires further authentication.
    - This is not necessary for payment on account, as no payment information is shared here (like pay later).

  • Payment methods

    We offer the following payment methods. Just pick the one that’s right for you.
    During the ordering process, simply select the desired one from the drop-down menu.

    Safe, fast and convenient with your PayPal account.

    Bank transfer
    Make your payment directly to our account. Important: Please indicate the current invoice number or order number in the purpose for each transfer. Your order will be provided as soon as your payment is received.
    Götz & Oberhauser IT GbR
    IBAN: DE11 7215 1650 0009 3067 54
    Sparkasse Pfaffenhofen

    On Bill
    Transfer the amount within 2 weeks to the named bank account above. (This payment method is only in Germany available).

    Select this method to settle the fee on your balance account. You can manage this in the Cloud Management Suite.

  • Your bill

    You will receive your invoice on the 15th or 01. of the month as a PDF file by e-mail. (Regardless of the payment method).
    The e-mail address of your account will be used.

    Please wait for this period before sending an invoice request to our sales or support department as it will be automated during this period. Thanks for your support. A mailing via post is unfortunately not possible.

  • Signing Up & Account.Confirm

    Create a basic account for free at For this you need a valid e-mail address as well as a password. You will immediately receive an e-mail confirming your account.
    Your password requires 8 characters.

    Account confirmation
    After login you will immediately receive the information if your account has not yet been confirmed. You can also do this at this point. In the Cloud Management Suite, you can see the status of your account under “Settings”.

    approved = confirmed
    not approved = not confirmed

    If your account is not confirmed, you will not be able to place orders and settings on products. This is because we can not verify you as the official owner of the account and the deposited email address.

    How do I confirm my account?
    After registration you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Open it and follow the steps on the screen to complete the confirmation. Please note that this e-mail is often recognized as SPAM. If you can not find them anymore, you can request the confirmation again here.

    My account is still not confirmed
    If your account is still not confirmed despite confirmation, there are several reasons:
    – Your account has been recognized as SPAM.
    – You are more than 14 days behind with an invoice.
    – The account owner is under 18 years.
    Please contact our support team to solve this problem.

  • Deleting an account

    If you want to delete your account in the Cloud Management Suite > "Settings" > "Cancel".
    Take the necessary steps there.

    If you do this step even though you are still using active cloud services, they will also be disabled. You then have no claim and no access. Note also: your service will be determined, ia refund of the costs is not possible.