Cloud-Hosted Webanalytics. With the #1 Open Web Analytics Platform.

Cloud-Hosted Webanalytics.
With the #1 Open Web Analytics Platform.

The Cloud-hosted service of Matomo,
to learn more about your visitors.


Analytics with data ownership and no limits to grow your business.

Take back control with Matomo Analytics – a powerful open web analytics platform that gives you data ownership and privacy.
Together with the strong cloud-infrastructure by we will bring you and analytics together.

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All-in-one web analytics.

Everything you need for the evaluation of your visitors. And on top of that, worry-free hosting.

Powerful Web Analytics
GDPR Manager
Reliable & secure
No maintenance effort
Stable infrastructure (hosting, DB, mail)
Opt-out API

It is a better alternative to Google Analytics, where the data is in your hands and operated in data centers in Germany. With large and convincing functions you don't have to do without anything and can get to know the visitors of your website better.

Worry-free Hosting

We manage the system, you can concentrate on your business. From setting up your account after ordering, to secure and stable operation, to updates and patches of systems. These topics are now no longer yours, we take care of the technically relevant content and ToDo's for the analysis. You can fully concentrate on the actual content and the product itself. Without any trouble.


Setup, operation & reporting. Everything is easy to manage. The operation and administration of Matomo is understandable and clearly structured. Despite numerous functions and possibilities you will quickly find your way around. Where do your visitors come from and what interests them most? Create weekly or monthly reports via email to always stay up to date.


Affordable and transparent. Per year and website. We offer a clear and simple pricing model: you pay per analyzed website on an annual basis. Usual payment methods and annual billing do not stop you, but keep the overview. Starts with 6€ per year! Get to know the Cloud Management Suite and our Cloud Platform with many more options
Learn about pricing >

Learn about pricing
  • How does the hosting work?

    As soon as your order has been successfully completed, you will receive the access data in the "Cloud Management Suite" already set up with the desired website. All you have to do is insert the code on your website.

  • What about GDPR?

    The application is basically compliant with the GDPR and its requirements. You can also add an opt-out field on your website so that users can unsubscribe.
    Please note: in order to operate with the GDPR, further content is required on your website such as a cookie notice and information in your privacy policy.
    GDPR & are friends, learn more >

  • What is Matomo?

    Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is a Free (GPL licensed) web analytics software platform. It provides reports on your website and its visitors, including the search engines and further details, the language they speak, which pages they like and so much more.

  • Matomo VS Google Analytics!?

    This os one of the leading open source web analytics software used on more than one million websites in 200 countries. But when there are also other web analytics solutions, why choose this one?

    One of the principle advantages is that you are in control. You manage Matomo to 100% on your own and we host the system secure, GDPR-compliant, only in datacenter in Germany. It can be used to measure your websites, your mobile applications, your software applications, and can also be used on your intranet portals and intranet websites.

  • Where can I find the opt-out button?
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