Introducing ONE by

We are pleased to introduce our new service, “ONE by,” a comprehensive platform for various individual services.

ONE is built on the foundation of our well-known product “25Welcome” and offers all its functions, making it a perfect start page for all devices, including search and favorite websites. In ONE, we have significantly revamped the design and optimized it for mobile devices. Additionally, we have incorporated further links for AI/ChatGPT.

Another new feature is our own new QR code generator, which allows you to create QR codes with text, URLs, and more, anytime and completely free of charge. We also plan to provide an extensive API for this feature.

Integration of 25Share: Our well-known file transfer service, 25Share, is now fully integrated into ONE, making it faster, easier, and more stable than ever. The previous 25Share website will be shut down soon. In the coming days, ONE will increasingly take over the existing tasks of 25Welcome, which will discontinue its service in June. With ONE, you have all our services centrally integrated, easily and quickly accessible on one page.

However, our development is not yet complete, and we are already planning more in our roadmap:

  • Complete integration of 25Welcome services
  • Shutdown of the classic 25Share
  • Integration of the URLShortener service
  • Integration of LinkMe (social media profile)

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance ONE and provide you with a seamless and comprehensive service experience.

What is the difference to 25Welcome?
ONE basically fulfils all the functions of 25Welcome, from the start page to general customization. However, ONE has and will receive further integrations from many other services from the world of 25Space. As is already the case, you can operate FileTransfer centrally from one website. 25Welcome will be shut down soon.