Mission: Focus – Corporate Updates

What’s next at 25Space.com? How will our future look like? With our “Mission: Focus” we started the next round of inventing, engineering & global customer success for all our current and new customers.

A cold winter day in Munich – we talked about the future and next goals for 25Space.com. One of our key point was FOCUS. We want to focus on our core service, our core products and on our customers. By providing them the best possible expirience with our serices and products. Let’s look into our changelog:

End of provider Service
We ended in Mai 2023 our services for telecomunucation and provider Support. We are no longer Partners of Deutsche Telekom, 1&1 and IONOS Hosting Services. This is absolutley not a downgrade fo this companies – it’s a focus on our customers and our primary service we want to provide them.

Free & Ads
Well.. who likes ads? Not really everyone. But it’s a outstanding service to finance free cloud services. We want to offer our customers still a bunch of free services, that’s why we started to rollout advertisings on our free offers like 25Share, URLShorter and more.

Stay tuned for more updates.