Mail-Out Gateway Service for HTML Forms.

Are you looking for a mail service that securely and professionally manages the data from your HTML form and sends it to you? Welcome to MailAPI from 25Space.
The application is installed in no time and with our extensive documentation you can connect your form quickly and easily. The Mail API provides a custom URL for you to use as the POST address in your HTML form. Individual values are supported as well as a file upload. Of course we have an extensive spam protection.

Learn about the features of Mail API in our intro video.
Some of these are:

Simple integration
Keep your form on your website
Standard Mails with SPF & DKIM
Individual options

Create your Mail API today!

Our systems ensure that the message reaches you appropriately. Individually configurable and customizable to your needs.


Besides the default values, you can use other variables to use additional fields. Customize settings like the subject according to your requirements.


Open and clear pricing structure with fair values for just 6€ a year.
That is only 0,50€ per month.


Optionally activatable spam filter that sorts out all unsolicited messages for you, so you can concentrate on the essentials.


Extensive and diverse HTML templates so you can get started quickly. But also customize them exactly to the requirements.


Cloud dashboard to manage your settings and send counters for an overview. Include further settings and options.

25space MailAPI Code


Strong API that allows you to professionally integrate your web applications. With our own API we offer open possibilities for your projects and challenges. You can use the Mail API on your own website as HTML form or use our templates.

Own API website >


Screenshot Cloud Management Suite


Just order, setup and change further settings in operation. Comprehensible and immediately productive.

Available in seconds

Once ordered, the service is available in a few seconds. You can direct start with your individual project and mission.

Easy configuration

Recipient, subject etc. can be configured easily and clearly overview. Also manage your services in ressource groups.

Learn about pricing
  • How can I access the API?

    For example, you can control the API in an HTML form using the POST parameter. (See the demo form on GitHub).

  • Are there limits?

    Currently, each API is limited to 1,000 mails per month.

  • Is there are statistic?

    Yes, you can access a counter in the Cloud Management Suite.

  • Which values can I transfer?

    You can transmit name, email and message as well as 20 more individual variables.
    (Increased from 10 to 20 variables since 07/2021).

  • Can I change the recipient?

    Yes, the receiver can be set at any time in the Cloud Management Suite.

  • Can I change subject and content?

    The subject and title in the mail is adjustable, the mail can be edited via individual title descriptions. (See API docs for more details).

  • What happens after the transmission?

    The user is redirected to a page with a redirect that you have configured.

  • What about spam?

    We have a spam protection filter and also support reCaptcha (read our API).

Read the API >