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FASTPANEL® is a website management tool that aims to break the mold and make site administration easier than ever. FASTPANEL allows users to place full-fledged sites in seconds with just a few mouse clicks.

What I get
A server installation with the recommended installation. Including Nginx, Exim, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, Roundcube

We will configure the FASTPANEL environment like the default settings, further topics has to be done on your side. Set password for fastuser via SSH connection using the following command:
mogwai chpasswd -u fastuser -p YourNewPasswordHere
Go to https://YourIP:8888 and sign in as fastuser
On your first login, FASTPANEL will ask you for a license. In order to get one, simply enter your email address. The license data will be sent to your email address. The first time you sign in FASTPANEL®, you will get a "Not Secure” certificate warning, which can be safely ignored as it is already protected by self-signed certificate.

Good to know
The pre-installation refers only to the first setup/installation of the server and not to further operation. Once the installation is complete, you will have administrative access to the systems. You are responsible and liable for the further operation, administration, updates and changes.
The server can be reached via SSH and SFTP.

  • Startup to connecto via SSH to your server
  • Don't forget the security.

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