2020 – a successful year anyway.

The year 2020 was certainly a special and challenging year for all of us. For some, it really pushed you to the absolute limits.
Nevertheless, we would like to look back.

When we started in January 2020, certainly none of us could have imagined what 2020 would be like. Mastering big challenges and new situations alone and in a team – mostly remotely.

We wonder internally if the phrase of the year is “can you see my screen” or “you are mute”.

We have a great team internally, but also incredibly great partners with whom we have reached new levels in the past year and been able to implement them.
But even more important are our customers. Customers always come first. They are the reason for our ambition, the reason for our work and passion, the reason why we get up and get to work creating something new. The customer is the boss.

The year 2020 was and is certainly not a positive one for many. Many of us have had to accept unprecedented challenges and cuts. Whether privately, among friends or financially. In addition, many sectors have been brought to the brink of their existence and in some cases see no end. It is largely out of our hands, but we can only say: keep going. Do not be discouraged. Together we can put this crisis behind us and emerge from it stronger than when we entered it.

We have used this year to again develop strongly: we have greatly expanded the cloud offerings of 25Space and provided many new products such as LinkMe, 25Share and many more.
New features and capabilities developed and delivered to our customers. Simplified and shortened processes.

At this point we want to thank 3 amazing groups: our team, our partners and our customers. You all push us every single day to reach new heights, to question everything every single time and to follow the most important rule of all: the customer comes first.

Have a great year 2021.
We belive everyday in you!



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