25Share – Get a pro!

It is a great pleasure for us to introduce the Pro version of our file transfer and collaboration service 25Share. For only 2,50€ per month you are already in.

Introduced some time ago, improved several times and now as Pro: 25Share Pro. Experience collaboration and file sharing in the most modern version, password protected, own folders and structures and hosted in Germany according to DSGVO.

Share files easily, without the hassle of logging in – as well as Pro User. Manage your shares in the Cloud Management Suite – free of charge. All this modern, mobile optimized and based on the latest design.
Benefit now from 2 weeks availability, unlimited shares and only monthly runtime: 25Share Pro.

25Share - File transfer

Book now your 25Share Pro account, for 31 days each (thus the full month 😉 ) for only 2,50€ – Payable via PayPal and bank transfer. All you need is a mail (and the data), start uncomplicated right now and today. Into the new generation of collaboration with 25Share.

Manager your Shares. (Free-Feature).

By the way: new ideas, feedback and suggestions? Become the active part of the development and your idea will become productive faster than you think! Share your ideas with us.

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