New service: SPF Check & Management

We are pleased to introduce our latest service: SPF Check & Management. An offer where our experts create a customized SPF and DAMRC entry for you so that you can send authenticated mails.

If you want to send qualitative mails that should also not forwarded in the junk folder of the recipients, SPF and DMARC are important issues for you.

In doing so, you deposit trustworthy mail servers and also prevent your domain from being used for third parties or, in such a case, usually being recognized as spam by the recipient.
You also have the advantage that your newsletter (if available), but also many other mails from your company, are designated as qualitative senders.

Our experts analyse the current situation together with you and create an individually configured SPF and DMARC entry for you according to our recommendations.
If you host your domain with us, we can also provide you with this entry directly and you no longer have to worry about it.

Start today with our fixed price offer!